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Other Worldly Ways, Anthology One

A note from Connie:

I've been writing these short stories throughout the past six years. Some of them were meant for magazines or contests. Others were considered for novels, and turned into short stories instead. A few were originally published on my blog. They have been removed, updated, revised and edited. Others, such as Solstice Trials, Linked and Saving Pheran Tiger have never appeared anywhere except in this book.


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Other Worldly Holidays, Anthology Two

A Christmas Feral:

Cassie is running from the man who forced her to become his fiancée. Parke is stepping into his father's shoes as Chancellor of everything paranormal. The two are on a collision course with unpredictable results.

What should you do when a Truth Demon marries a Fire Demon?

Get the hell out of Seattle.

* * *

GSW, or How I Met My Mother:

All bets are off in Atlanta, where an accidental shooting and a visit to the emergency room mark the beginning of perhaps the strangest three days of Conner's life.

(Out of Print)

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